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OC Music Scene

After Chatting with Air Supply’s Graham Russell, Even the Nights are Better

Q: The story goes that you met Chrissie Hammond and Russell Hitchcock in '75 when you were performing in Jesus Christ Superstar in Australia. Were you in the cast or were you in the band?

Graham Russell: We were all in the cast. I already knew Chrissie. I’d met her four years before. We used to perform together in clubs and things like that. But before Superstar I didn't know Russell at all. We were all just in the chorus. Lepers and dancers and whatever else they had us do.


Move Over Rebecca Black: Alana Lee Hamilton, Eleven Million Views and Counting…

Photo by J Kay Bradford Photography

Q: Your video, Butterflies, is one of the most popular on YouTube. Can you tell us how you went about making it?

Alana Lee: Well, I am really surprised and happy about the success of my videos. After recording the song, it goes to the production company. They write a script for the music video. I review it and I can make revisions if I want to. I've been really lucky because I get to cast my friends and people I know in key roles. My friends loved being involved in the process and they're all really supportive.


Band on the Brink: RK Follese of Hot Chelle Rae

Hot Chelle Rae took their name from a pseudonymous, prevaricating Internet stalker at the band's inception in 2005. Lead singer/songwriter RK Follese initially joined forces with guitarist Nash OverstreetIan Keaggy joined on bass and RK's brother Jamie got the drumming assignment shortly thereafter.  The Follese's dad is Keith Follese, penner of "The Way You Love Me" and many other country hits. Nash's dad is country singer/songwriter Paul Overstreet, co-writer of Randy Travis' monster, "Forever and Ever, Amen."  And Ian's dad, Phil Keaggy, according to legend, was once described as "The World's Greatest Guitar Player" by none other than Jimi Hendrix.  I sat down with RK during a break in their current tour:

Q: How many times have you had to explain the origin of the band's name?


In Depth with the Pacific Symphony’s Carl St. Clair

Photo by Andy Templeton

Q: The Persimfans, a famous conductor-less orchestra spawned by Russian communists, achieved world renown for ten years early last century but ultimately gave up and disbanded. What makes the conductor so essential to the orchestra?

Carl St. Clair: I recently gave a TED-X speech that had to do with interpretation and with the role of the conductor. ”The conductor”, I said, “is the last one on the stage, the first one off the stage, the only person that has his back to the audience and doesn't make a single sound. Yet he’s completely and totally responsible for the pacing, interpretation, and the artistic excellence an orchestra.”


The Voice That Carries: OC Music Scene Spends a Few Minutes with Aimee Mann

Q: Your music is featured on the soundtracks of Arctic Tales, Sliding Doors, and most prominently Magnolia. Do you have a special affinity for this kind of work?

Aimee Mann: I don't know. I think that for me it's a little hit or miss. Sometimes I have an idea for something and sometimes I don't. Sometimes they ask me to do something and I just couldn't really can’t come up with anything. The best approach is if you have an idea for a song, just go ahead and write the song you want to write. If they like it, “great!” If not, “too bad.” Trying to get input from people on what they think about the song and how they think it should be framed is kind of a disaster for me as far as being creative.


A Peaceful Easy Interview: Jack Tempchin, writer of Peaceful Easy Feeling for The Eagles, talks about hard cider, bass lines and Glen Frey

Q: Last year you were posting a song a day on to your You Tube channel.  Did you literally write a song a day for a while or was it just a figure of speech?

Jack Tempchin: Well for the most part, I literally wrote one per day. Sometimes I would go back through my notebooks and get a piece of the song that wasn’t finished and start from there. But either way I had to completely finish it and then I had to do a video of it. A little of each, but for a while I was writing a song a day.


Jer-ree! Jer-ree! Jer-ree! Chance Theater Artistic Director Oanh Nguyen Brings Jerry Springer: The Opera to Orange County

Jerry Springer

Erika C. Miller gets friendly with Jared Pugh while Katie Kitani looks on.

Q: How long has The Chance been in operation?

Oanh Nguyen: The Chance has been offering Orange County an alternative theatre experience since 1999.


Close your eyes, give me your hand…it’s Vicki Peterson from The Bangles!

Q: Wikipedia recently deleted an article titled “Bangles Trilogy” that extensively referred to a 2011 record declaring it a hoax. What is the real story on this year’s new Bangles release?
Vicki Peterson: That is so interesting. I wish I had seen that page. I love Wikipedia. The real scoop on the Bangles 2011 record is we have a record we just finished mastering and it will be out this fall.